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Today I went to the Goodwill, my local thrift store. I’m not a thrifting maven (Tricia I believe is the queen of thrift – she comes back with stuff that looks like it’s actually expensive) but I needed some big jars to put flour, oats, and tea in. While I was there I shuffled through the jeans… because you never know.

Look what I found in my size – !


I do believe this is going to be my new look. Pants that were so beyond-wrong when I was 16 are now exactly what feels right. Having put 2.4 decades under my belt now I’ve had the opportunity to see fashions in jeans run full circle. I’m tucking my shirts in now with the adultish satisfaction of breaking a cultural taboo from my teenagehood.

I noticed the other day that Agathe was after some 501s, as I was last spring. Like her I had no such luck and was absolutely flabbergasted to find out the Levis no longer produces and sells them.* That trend maven Agathe would be after them is a big hint to me that this isn’t just my queer contrafashion fetish – the antitrendy is a bonifide trend.


Today I checked out Jordache… and they no longer run this classic anymore either.

Not too long ago, I said it feels like it is going to be a year of accelerating change – in the economy, politics, the environment.

Perversely, I think this is reflected in fashion by a resistance to change… and an embracing of what is familiar rather than what is new.

In fashion terms, this will translate into a heirarchy of archetypal fetishes… to be contrafashionable your garments must reek of authenticity, be familiar and recognizable.

The Jordache, with the cartooney stitching, the horsey logo, and the utter lack of fading (the style even has a crease and a blind, bound hem) is contrafashion in the extreme, just as the 501 is.

Companies like Levis and Jordache, what with having a recognizable, archetypal style should get their lucky businesses in gear and reissue them. There is a market, and it will be a big one very soon.

* Clarification – yes the 501 I want exists… just not in my size…



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8 thoughts on “trend anti trend”

  1. what’s this then?
    not the 501’s you are looking for?

    as for my thrifting prowess…you flatter me, miss! 😛 but i do think years and years of thrifting and just shopping and keeping my eye on design/art history helps, actually. i don’t even go through every single thing in a store, i just scan around and look a little to turn things over and the thrift gods just deliver. some days i find nothing really, and other days, it’s just all there. luck of the draw. 😛

  2. No… it’s not the same. The rise is too low, the cut should be straight and unisex.

    The men’s jeans are closer… but too big for me.

    Kind of James Dean-y jeans is what I have in my imagination.

    You’ve got a great eye Tricia… and a knack for finding things too =)

    I never thought of looking online… I went to the Levis store here in Toronto back in June.

  3. I’M SHOCKED!! Levi’s doesn’t make 501s anymore? Well, that explains why I have been waiting in vain for them to be the new trend. Unfortunately with my figure I could never wear them anyway, but I have truly been expecting them to become the big “in” thing for the last few years.

    Good-looking Jordache, though. 🙂

  4. Lucky for you, with your figure even those jeans look flattering… stick them on my large hip/butt/thigh body, and you have something that is terrifying.

  5. Danielle, I am old enough that Jordache jeans were *all the rage* when I was in high school. They look wonderful on you, but I doubt I’ll be going that route again!

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