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Knit maven and yarntrepreneur Andrea from making things has tagged me a meme to share thirteen things about myself. (BTW, she has a book coming out!)

Since I’ve already done the tag for five things… I’m going to warp the meme into a 13 click link dump… some fashion stuff, plus some guilty pleasures.

  1. New York fashion week is over and the blogger invasion is pretty much complete – it seems like we’re all on fashion overload in internetland. Because of the the relentless saturation of information, fashion week is offically, dare we say, demode? Kudos to Almost Girl, fiftyRX3, the Sartorialist, Style Bites, and everyone who blogged their bit to bring us the tents.
  2. What can change in a season? On the internet, a lot.
  3. Articles to click include Bloggers in Tents: Fashion Warms to a New Media, I Don’t Like It Unless It’s Brand New, and Help We’re Drowning In a Sea of Shows.
  4. I read this thread on The Fashion Spot and a bit of schadenfreude… and a sigh. It makes me feel a little better about my own situation, but in despair for the fashion industry and the human race in general. If you added up all of the first world fashion-school debt, you could probably end world hunger. Also on TFS… Parka Pride.
  5. Ok, so the idea of 3 more fashion weeks to come is exhausting. Let’s think about machines.
  6. If it’s something, and it’s awful, you’ll find it on Something Awful. This site helpfully aggregates everything that is terrible about the internet.
  7. I’m a fan of the Self Publishing blog but I never really knew why. Until I found out that Morris Rosenthal also writes speculative fiction combining self-publishing with a dystopian future. Books Are Our Friends. I still don’t know why, but it amuses me. =)
  8. Need an antidote to the tasteful greys of the NY fall/winter collections… go read Vice Do’s & Don’ts… for the usual tasteless youth tempered by humanity gone wrong.
  9. Psst… TFBB
  10. My weekend cooking adventures continue… as I’ve mentioned my goal this year is to try one new recipe per weekend. So far I’ve done roast chicken, chicken recipes, shrimp, red snapper and sausage recipes… this weekend I am attempting my first ever rib roast. I get a lot of pleasure out of choosing a recipe, walking to the market on Saturday mornings to buy ingredients. You can get almost anything at the market! It’s neat to fill up with hearty home-cooked food at least once a week, and satisfying to feel like I am teaching myself to be a cook. Got any good food links to share? Put those clicks in the comments!
  11. Check out the new addition to Verbal Croquis’ Portfolio. This is what she calls boring… as if! Love the hard-edged jackets and the drapey tops. Pure VC gold.
  12. There is no twelve. Thirteen clicks is just too many.
  13. Finally, the saga of my 501 experiment continues. Here is the denim… raw on the left, and shrunk 10% on the right – 10%!


As for who I tag? I tag you, dear reader. Please pass along a link in the comments. It can be something you clicked on recently, fashion tidbit, thing you like, high or low lights from fashion week, guilty pleasures or linkbait.

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14 thoughts on “13 clicks”

  1. http://www.epicurious.com! I can’t remember what all I’ve made off of this site but there’s a yummy lentil soup recipe and some really good hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Cooking is probably in my top 10 favorite things to do, ever.

  2. We like fast and easy cooking. If you’re not set on gourmet try kraftcanada.com. We like the Bruschetta Chicken Bake and Weeknight Lasagna Toss (among others)

  3. Sigh, fashion week is over! And I think fashion bloggers helped kill it. What have I wrought Daniel? NOOOOOOOO!

    Anyway, it would seem there is nothing that can be done but evolve the industry. Half the bloggers talking about shit at the tents have no idea about the bigger inssues involved with sourcing and manufacturing which is where the real problems lie.

    I think we need to bring back real dialogue on the issue don’t you? Let’s bring back black friday!

  4. Thanks for the food links!

    Julie – yes black friday is better than fashion week. Yes you killed fashion week. Hell ya =D

    Miss Twiss… I know? ???

    Miff – you are too cute.

  5. 501s shrink-to-fit tip: how to have them shrink to your form

    + buy one bottle of your favourite beer
    + take out a wicked book you’re reading
    + pour a luke warm bath
    + wear jeans into bath (underwear optional)
    + drink beer and read book for approx. 30 mins
    + drain bath, but remain in tub
    + carefully take jeans off and hang to dry

    breaking any pair of jeans (but especially shrink to fits) is best done this way. in the water the jeans form around you and you will have perfectly fitted jeans. while they’re drying you can also strategically scrunch parts so that they crumple as they dry; doing so is not only fun like playing with a canvas, it’ll look sweet and will also lead to more emotional attachment to your denim. did i mention i like jeans?

  6. ps don’t those new, shrunk jeans look awesome in that picture? it’s “that look”! (see previous denim post!) it’s the best.

  7. maybe not, give it a try!

    i know some people who wash their favourite jeans every single time like this heh heh like a weekly ritual of sorts. even if they’re not wearing them, they’ll wash ’em in the shower. they think the wash and dry cycles pull the jeans out of shape, away from your shape.

  8. Hey, I tried it last night. I think these pants are too big to really shrink on me successfully, but it was worth it just for the odd feeling of bathing while dressed =D

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