it’s fashion week – so?

Via The Sartorialist


She doesn’t take this fashion thing too seriously.  She rules.

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4 thoughts on “it’s fashion week – so?”

  1. Grey outfits look great on the street IMO. It’s just the runway stuff is dull to me now no matter what. A collection has to be pretty powerful to hold my gaze through 20+ clicks. I like how this outfit is utterly seasonless, functional, understated and fashionless. Somehow, that holds my attention.

    I like how she looks comfortable and amused. That’s how I want to look when I grow up.

    The problem with colourful fall/winter stuff in cold climates is that brightly coloured winter clothes usually look childlike, not sexy. That’s my theory.

  2. I don’t have a problem with grey. I’m not one for wearing garish primary colours either. The point I was making was how much Grey can you look at without getting fatigued?

    It’s all very pretty an all, but there are seriously too many shows this year.

    I wasn’t suggesting that New Yorkers should be getting into neon!

  3. Lol – how much grey can you look at without getting fatigued? The answer is less grey than you will see in a typical NY fashion week. Milan is generally even worse.

    Let me tell you there is nothing on this earth that is greyer than Toronto in February… and yes, I am fully fatigued.

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