watching NY from the corner of my eye…

I found Yeohlee‘s collection quietly compelling and mature. I like the way she uses double-faced fabrics, how the fabrics accent or envelope the body rather than reveal it. The jacket with two sets of sleeves is a brilliant idea. Think of how many ways you could wear that freakish garment. Tying the sleeves like a scarf or like a belt, while wearing the other sleeves. It may not be like this at all, but I imagine it like this, if anyone can understand my photoshoppy scratching:

freak jacket
What a genius Yeohlee is. I want to make one of these myself now, reversible of course.

Also check out Ports 1961! I had no idea that it was so progressive… slightly arty even, and often beautiful. Even more interesting than the clothes though is the Ports story and its remarkable Canada-China connection.

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