face it, book

Myspace is so 2006.

Everyone’s getting facebook now. It’s like myspace, but people use their real names, birthdays, and locations instead of fake ones.

Within the last two weeks, instantly everyone I know is like “facebook! facebook! etcetera!”.

And like moths to a flame, so goes the internet. It is apparent that one cannot function in society this year without a facebook account.

Danielle Meder's Facebook profile

Admit it if you’re on it and let the social networking begin.

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7 thoughts on “face it, book”

  1. I keep getting e-mails that I’ve been added to some facebook thing or another. Maybe it’s time to try one of these confounded internet thingums.

  2. Danielle has joined the ranks!…I joined at Christmas when my younger brother’s were pestering me to join, at that time no one I knew was on facebook…now I have close to 70 friends…it’s funny how many new people join each day..it’s like a free version of classmates … I must admit at first I wasn’t into it but now it’s kind of fun..

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