fashion show


Of all the shows this fashion week, this is the one I will actually go to. Zoran Dobric does amazing, gothic, artful one-offs. I’m going with a group of fellow fashion-schoolmates. It’ll be a bit of a reunion – Zoran was our Creative Design teacher. RSVP if you’d like to come.

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2 thoughts on “fashion show”

  1. What the heck! Every time I have plans (Darryl’s got a gig on Friday) there is something I would be really excited to go to, and can’t!! BOO URNS!

    Hey, Danielle, if you are interested in a green beer day celebration, a few friends of mine and Darryl and I are having a green beer day (st. patty’s day) get together this Saturday at The Court Jester at any time after 6:30 at Pape and Danforth… if you are interested email me…

    Take some pics at Zoran’s show, I wish I could go!

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