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I just had the most fun I’ve ever had at Fashion Week in Toronto. I was there for the last two shows – Zoran Dobric and Bustle. I got to see some of my friends both from fashion school and the internet – shoutouts to Anita, Carolyn and Truc who were all there watching the shows for us this week. They’re the ones you want to check out for more complete coverage.

My only regret is missing the David Dixon show. He incorporates Canadiana in his show concept. Outside at night, wrapping his audience in Hudson’s Bay Blankets, and walking his models around a bonfire. Appropriate for a designer with a cool, subtle touch, whose clothes hang in the historic St. Regis Room.


It is a very Canadian night tonight too as that snowstorm from the southeast insists that no, it is not spring yet.

Zoran Dobric‘s show is the third of his that I have seen.  It’s fascinating to watch how his design vision refines and evolves.  There was slashing, embroidery, twisted silks, and printing, but this time it was more tightly edited and coherent. The room was packed, the clothes were beautiful – it’s a pleasure to see this work get more recognition. One shirt stood out to me.  It appeared to have been cut from a folded tablecloth with the creases from the folds left in deliberately. It was cut into a simple top using a similar technique this one I made last summer.

Bustle was menswear with a “country chap from the 1910s” sort of look. Paisleys and suspenders. The models were professional and confident. Though the clothes lacked the drama of a finale to fashion week, the show had great energy.

It was fun to wander around the Liberty Grand, observing everyone around me with their great shoes and best outfits, and talking to people. I think I may have to go to Fashion Week more often in the future.

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