project runway, eh?


I know so many people who belong on this show. If you’re one of them, sign up here.

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9 thoughts on “project runway, eh?”

  1. Ummm… except Zoe is an American.

    …and the last thing I want or need is my own clothing label…

    Don’t worry J C – there’s plenty of canadesigners who would make some fabulous TV watching…

  2. hey I specifically came on your blog tonight interested in what your take would be on Audrey’s email… yeah I got it too.

    I wonder who will try out. I know that I am NOT ready for this sort of thing, but I am just interested…. I wonder if any fellow ryersonian’s will actually make it on the show???

    I thought about it long and hard today and strongly question whether or not the idea of all that drama to create a fast-tracked career for myself is really worth it.. something tells me that I am more cut out for the blood, sweat, and tears approach to building my career, rather then to the superspeed, instantaneous career that this somehow alludes to…. what about you? What are your reasons for saying “I Pass!”

  3. Christy – I wondered if you would be into it.

    Me? I don’t want to be on tv. I think it would be fun in terms of a challenge but the noteriety thing turns me off… I know I don’t have time or ambition for it anyway. Thank goodness.

    I do want someone from our class at Ryerson to get on. There are too many people we know would make killer television entertainment, and who could take that noteriety and benefit from it.

  4. Part of me would like to try it out… I think I could handle it, I mean I have done the t.v. thing a few times before and it doesn’t really phase me, I just know how horrible t.v. can spin people’s personalities into something they are not.

    Something about the whole idea bothers me though. There’s something fake about the whole reality t.v. experience. What an oxymoron huh? Someday, when I look back on my career, I want to be able to look back fondly on the experience of pounding the pavement from one freelance job to another that I had, and where ever my current career takes me and say that it all worked in time with where I was in my life… I just think that t.v. can accelerate someone so far past where they are ready to be, which can be the biggest hurdle of their career. God knows it was with me and Barbie – but that is besides the point

    man – do I sound bitter or what?

  5. Hi Ladies.

    I’m actually seriously considering this.

    I know I’m not “high fashion” but…I live to be on tv and I really want to try this out.

    I’ve filled out the application already…there are just a few legal issues I need sorted out first before I go ahead and send it in.

    Who knows if I’ll actually get selected, but I’ll never know unless I try out.

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