a labour of hate

Let’s All Hate Toronto is opening on Friday. It looks a bit silly but may be amusing.

In any case, I perceive a need for (CN tower) HATE TORONTO t-shirts.

I Hate Toronto T-Shirt
I googled around looking for these and I can’t believe no one has done them yet. It seems that if so many people hate Toronto it’s a potentially huge untapped market.

Any takers?

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7 thoughts on “a labour of hate”

  1. Growing up in the country I can be drawn to Toronto’s wonderful advantages and be exhausted by the relentless urbanity at the same time.

    In Canada pitting regions against eachother is like the national sport. It’s like Canada is the league and the regions are the teams. No one cheers for the league – they pick a team. Yet everyone loves the sport.

    And (almost) everyone hates Toronto, even if it’s just a little.

  2. this makes me laugh.. haha I graduated Seneca Fashion arts lived in the city/ did the city and now I am back in my hometown still working in the industry but surrounded with trees, green fields and happy earthy people, in Prince Edward County, just 2 hours away from To. The city folk, have to deal with crappy traffic, not me!

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