all that clicks

Here’s some of what I’ve clicked on recently that piqued my interest and may pique yours…

Montreal has a street style blog! I’m not aware of any other Montreal-based fashion blogs (yet) so it sure is nice to have some Quebecois content in the sidebar.

Meanwhile in Toronto the foodie in me is quite taken with Hungry in Hogtown, what with all the molecular gastronomy on display through wide-angle lenses.

Drastic Measures in Singapore tells tales of fashion freelancing and designing her own “Dotted Line”.

I’m not the only one in the blogosphere fascinated with the battle to define authenticity in fashion. Deeply Superficial does it much more academically than I can.

Someone has finally compiled a top 50 fashion blog list – and I’m not on it, (actually I didn’t see any Canadian blogs) but it is still interesting to look at.

Design*Sponge has lots of pretty design-things to look at, and F&ART has lots of fashiony art-things to look at.

Sonja snoops and scoops at… this time she explores the air-kissing world of Fashion Frenemies as she gives us the wrapup of what the fashion people were up to in Toronto this April.

For practicing illustrators, Lol B has pointed me to Pose Maniacs, an awesome resource of skinless people in positions that you can spin to any angle you please. Great for studying – perhaps I’ll post some of mine later.

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