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Bah, I have the sniffles. I’ll be back next week, hopefully in better shape. Until then, here’s some links for the long weekend…

First – incoming link love!

  • New blogger veronikavery.com has got knitting and kitties… and she appears to be from Quebec.
  • I met Henna of Canadian Beauty at TFBB five. Finally a beauty blog to call our own!
  • Frugal Fashionista is another Canadian blogger who focuses on how to dress like the stars, but for cheap.
  • Visit savvy london to observe street style and street life in London, England.

Then, here are some of the great articles I’ve been meaning to blog about, maybe next week, maybe never?

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3 thoughts on “drop click”

  1. Danielle, I see Brian Bailey is bringing a collection to the Shopping Channel (I think on the 15th). Naturally it’s when I take my first holiday in 3 years. Because I’m curious …

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