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I like collecting songs about the fashion industry, but still my list is not quite long enough for a proper playlist, which to my mind should be 12-18 songs. If you have any to add, let me know!

David Bowie – Fashion well, obviously

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy the perfect early 90s supermodel song

The Kinks – A Dedicated Follower of Fashion I haven’t heard this one yet (iTunes doesn’t have it grrr) but found it via Fops and Dandies a new favourite fashion blog.

Leonard Cohen – First we take Manhattan the best cynical fashion industry song. (Actually most of them are cynical, sarcastic, or almost parodies, aren’t they?) I like the version sung by Jennifer Warne.

Joel Plaskett Emergency – Fashionable People heard this one on Jian Ghomeshi’s new CBC show Q. It has a line I love – fashionable people, doing questionable things.

I think to qualify the song either has to have the word “Fashion” in it or directly reference the fashion industry somehow. Does anyone have any additions to the playlist?

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14 thoughts on “fashion playlist”

  1. Ha! I believe you’ve left out what MH and I would believe to be the most important; Bryan Adams, The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You. We played copious amounts of Bryan in the lab last year, no doubt pissing off our rap-loving classmates to no end. But whoever arrives first rules the stereo, right? 😉

  2. Oh my… now I have to listen to Bryan Adams again. Thanks for reminding me again why I didn’t work in the lab – between 50 Cent and Bryan Adams, musical taste at Ryerson is a contentious issue at best.

    I’m beginning to think listening to this playlist all the way through may be dangerous.

    Speaking of fashion soundtracks, I’ve been alerted that the Lagerfield’s got one too –

  3. We used to make Elisa listen to “Fitty” (sp?) on her headphones. I just cannot handle that shit. Checking out the link now…

  4. I just wanted to add, from my new favorite album, Of Montreal’s “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?”…it’s not necessarily fashion related, but sort of? Anyway, the song is “Suffer for Fashion.”

  5. What? No Pet Shop Boys? Erasure? Yaz? Flying Lizards?

    I think my quintessential fashion song is “Money (It’s What I Want”. Flying Lizards did an industrial cover of the Beatles song in the mid- to late- 80s. I don’t know why I’m stuck on it. It’s so overplayed. But, it’s good walk, pose, and chantay music.

    Oooh! Yeah… where’s the RuPaul love, eh? Supermodel? C’mon ya can’t tell me you don’t like that one, too.

    Viva Glam!

  6. Thanks Tiff and J C Sprowls – I’ll have to hop on the itunes and check these things out.

    JC – I’m stuck on the money song too, it never occured to me that it was fashiony.

  7. What about Cake’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”? I love that song – they do a good job of getting the style of the imaginary chick nailed.

  8. I’m a bit late here, however, Fashion Rules by Chicks On Speed is a wonderful fashion song. Also, Underwear by Pulp has a small reference to fashion (If fashion is your trade, then when you’re naked, I guess you must be unemployed yeah)

  9. Emily – Cake did a whole album called Fashion Nugget didn’t they? I think I get that now.

    Thank you Jen I’ve never heard this song I shall check it out =D

  10. There are a lot songs about fashion:

    Visage-Fade to Gray
    Jill Sobule-Supermodel
    RuPaul-Supermodel(you better work)
    Jimmy James-Fashionista
    America’s top model theme
    Papas Fritas-way you walk
    Jay Z-change clothes
    Sufjan Stevens-that dress looks nice on you
    Suede-she’s in fashion
    Kraftwerk-robots,showroom dummies
    Same Same-supermodel
    Polaroid-so damn beautiful
    Peter Bjorn&John-young folks
    My dying bride-heroine chic
    Mickey Avalon-So rich so pretty (MY FAV!!!!)
    Kanye West-all falls down
    Kanye West-Stronger
    Imagination-just an illusion
    Klaxons-golden skans
    Garbage-you look so fine
    Funkerman-sexy people
    Jimmy Hendrix-foxy lady
    Bratz-ooooh fashion
    Lindstrom and Prinz Thomas-mighty girl
    The Knife-heartbeats
    New Young Pony Club-the bomb
    Goldfrapp-ooh la la
    DJ Shadow-backstage girl
    Soundtrack The Devil wears Prada-Tre tres Chic
    Help she can’t swim-are you feeling fashionable
    Colder-to the music
    RuPaul-looking good feeling gorgeous
    The Cribs-hey scenesters
    Madonna-Vogue,Runway lover,Human nature
    The Flirts-Passion
    Chicks on Speed-Glamour girl
    Felix da Housecat-ready to wear
    Phoenix-victim of the crime
    Primal Scream-some velvet morning(with Kate Moss)
    U2-she moves in mysterious ways
    Kelis-like you
    Justin Timberlake-sexyback
    Scissor sisters-filthy gorgeous
    Diana Ross-upside down
    E.L.O.-evil woman

  11. Eden’s crush-glamorous life
    T Funk ft Inaya Days-Glamorous life
    Sheila E-Glamorous life
    Sia-breathe me
    Silverchair-Ana’s song
    New Order-crystal
    Oasis-champagne supernova
    Keziah Jones-beautiful Emily
    George Michael-too funky,flawless
    Pretty Ricky-should’ve been a model

  12. How about Fergie

    Labels & Love

    also Jennifer Hudson “All dressed up in love” Both in SATC soundtrack, which is so awsome.

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