fashion school confidential

Today I walked over to Slice and handed in my Project Runway application. Speculation suggests that the show will be shot at my alma mater. Project Runway is pretty much fashion-school-on-speed. If I actually make it on the show it would be a surreal flashback experience. My first year Design & Colour Theory teacher John Freeman is quoted in the article – I think he’d be so perfect as our Tim Gunn!

Speaking of good old Ryerson School of Fashion, there is yet another disgruntled-fashion-student blog. It’s all there – the end-of-year judging fiasco, ragging on the program director, complaining about running out of thread. If there is one thing fashion students are great at, it is dramatic whining.

Still, there are things worth ranting about at fashion school. Long ago, I posted about the sadly misshapen state of Ryerson’s blocks and it seems that people are still struggling with them. Still.

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4 thoughts on “fashion school confidential”

  1. Ohmigod…jon would be the best canadian Tim Gunn! he should totally do it.
    I hope you get on the show.
    Jessica has an interview/audition, which is pretty exciting. She would be perfect on the show too!

    I had a feeling that it would be shot at Ryerson. I couldn’t see them shooting it anywhere else

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