found dress and suit

How is it that I have never before clicked on Dress and Suit?

Two anonymous fashion bloggers. Their About page tells us nothing, which is worse than not having an about page at all. But I can forgive that because Dress (a female I think?) and Suit (the male columnist?) are brilliant, funny, and with a savvy sartorial sense. They’ve been at it since last August and some of their posts are LOL worthy.

There’s clues that this pair may even be Canadian – but whether it’s Toronto or Montreal is up for grabs. Maybe both.

It’s an honour to get linked by such an awesome blog – what a great way to find a new read! I don’t usually do this right away – but this is sidebar worthy material. Link reciprocated.

Now Dress and Suit, I want to know About you! Are the sketches your own? Are you in Toronto, and would you like to come to TFBB? I promise not to reveal your true identities…

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2 thoughts on “found dress and suit”

  1. Hi Danielle,
    Thanks for the link and all the nice words. I just started trying to tackle the about page. Weren’t intending to be deliberately anonymous, I’d just completely forgotten about it! We are in Toronto, and have been meaning to come check out the TFBB. I discovered your lovely blog from NOW many weeks ago when they had that spread of local fashion bloggers. Anyway, thank you again!

  2. I noticed you’re a fan of the Manolo so I wondered if you were aiming for an anonymous blogger persona.

    Please do come to TFBB I’d love to meet both of you!

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