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Canadiana and Fashion are fascinating if somewhat mutually exclusive subjects. If you have been reading for any period of time you know that I love to try and put my finger on the subtle, elusive idea of “Canadian Style”. I do like to examine Canadian contrariness towards our own culture – as a somewhat self-effacing nation we tend towards a lack of demonstrative appreciation.

Every once in a while some struggling Canadian bohemian has to make a stand – or a website – in an effort to make us appreciate what is under our own noses. And then some other struggling Canadian bohemian has to take their arguments apart… because let’s face it, backhanded clapping is the Canadian way to applaud.

Did you know that Toronto is the global capital of style? If not, head on over to the HOME OF THE REASONS WHY TORONTO IS THE CAPITAL OF STYLE. New York, Paris and London – eat your hearts out. This site contains many reasons why, all in capital letters. I’ve transcribed some of the best reasons here using lowercase for legibility…

  • The powers that be have mislead our global neighbors and cousins in regards to the branding..nay the soul of the city. … Enough of the money spent on ads going into major American media that hasn’t even been spell check.. Enough!
  • The true Torontonians know what we are about.. that we have a little swagger in our step..
  • Yonge Street – Because with a street this big & long we never have performance anxiety while fulfilling our duties as the style capital of the world…
  • We have to come up with a way to communicate what we are all about. We the people of Toronto have defined what gives us our swagger.

I live in Toronto. I like it. Is it THE global capital of style? Well no, it’s not. I’m not ashamed of living in a second city and but I’m not about to swagger either. If anything reeks of performance anxiety it’s that peculiar Canadian need for validation from American celebrity. Sadly, the most definitively Torontonian aspect of the copy I quoted is its self-conscious silliness.

What defines Torontonian style for me? The lingering historical hoserism and protestant dullness. The way we have to cede to practicality and dress for the weather. All of the things that make Toronto’s “style” what it truly is, are the same things that make us the antithesis of a style capital.

What do you think? Am I just another naysayer tearing Toronto down from its rightful position as a Global Capital of Style?

Or is this site a joke? I can’t tell.

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4 thoughts on “global CAPITAL of style”

  1. Meh, I didn’t really take the time to read the site, but I agree with in the aspect of our needing some sort of validation that we can stand alone without american influences. No, I don’t think we are the capital of style whatsoever… nor does it bother me whatsoever! haha! I am sort of happy that we aren’t on the forefront, and that I don’t feel like I am going to be stopped by the style police for breaking some fashion rule for practicality purposes.

    Toronto however is much different from any other city I have been too, and I have been very fortunate to have travelled quite a bit. Being born and raised just barely north of the border (literally 5 minutes from the States by car) and then moving here I have realized that there are some definite Canadianisms that make this city super unique which is why I love it. Even fashion wise. It’s the lack of style in some cases that makes us so stylish. Our over mixed multiculturalisms that make us different. I love this city for what it is… a confused 20 yr. old experimenting with fashion while trying to fit in with the other cool kids.

    God bless you Toronto. haha!

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