new machine

juki serger

Yep she’s a beaut’ my new Juki serger! What a sweet machine.

Hm, now all I need is something to serge – no time to draft a pattern! Let’s cut it freehand like Julian Roberts. Do you know how this will turn out? Because I don’t.

Some of you may recall my previous foray in freehand cutting.

freehand cut t-shirt pattern

The final result.

freehand cut t-shirt

This t-shirt actually formed its own pocket. A modified version of this concept without the droopy bit on the other side could look quite clever and be useful too. Hm.

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8 thoughts on “new machine”

  1. Okay, I’m totally confused. I keep looking at the top photo and then the bottom one, but I’m really not sure of how that happened — you’re a magician of fabric!

  2. Not really a magician! Like I said, I didn’t really know how it would turn out until I serged it up.

    hint: The big hole is the hem.

    Bonus points to anyone who can see how I’m going to modify the idea to make the pocketry intentional.

  3. love the before and after shots of the shirt, very cool!! i also love the shot of the serger, drooling with envy at your workspace 😉

  4. hey…..are you selling your industrial serger Danielle? Today I popped over to TorontoCraftAlert to see what was going on back home and I saw a picture of your serger for sale…just curious or is somebody else using your photo?

    It’s funny how you recognize photo’s from older posts….

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