I’m a bit stiff on the illustration thing these days. Perhaps far too many illustrator technicals?

At the library I picked up 9HEADS to help me get back into it. It seemed like a pretty comprehensive book, but didn’t give me anything really new. I’d recommend it for covering all the basics, but if you’ve already got Stipelman, it’s the same stuff. I was disappointed that 9HEADS contains virtually nothing about rendering with different media, illustration tools or even different styles. The technical library is pretty extensive. There is a brief quartet of interviews with fashion professionals about illustration which are interesting.

I’ve jumped back into The Fashion Spot’s Project Runway Game for practice.

This week’s challenge is to design an outfit for a garden party, with a limited palette of colours.


This is my entry. It’s a soft tunic long sleeved dress made of linen. It is simply pulled over the head and belted at the waist with a grosgrain belt. There are practical pockets big enough for pruning scissors or a paperback book. It is worn over a simple chemise with a lace detailing. The sunhat is braided straw with a matching grosgrain ribbon.

The rationale is the outfit should protect from the sun and still feel cool. It should look good rumpled and is meant to be effortlessly casual and with a bit of imperfection and a touch of lingerie for romance. To be worn with sleeves rolled up, dirt under the fingernails, with comfortable carelessness.

The model is Bette Franke.

Feels nice to draw again. What a nice day in Toronto today. Spring is here!

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8 thoughts on “practice”

  1. That is a beautiful illustration! (Love the way her shoes match her hair! I just plain love the shoes.)

    I would wear that dress, but not with dirt under my fingernails. Once upon a time a romantic friend of mine said she could see me gardening in a certain dress, to which I reply, “only in your dreams, sister”. LOL

    Nice work! 🙂

  2. this is really nice! I agree with you about the 9 Heads and Stipleman book I have both of them, I do like that 9 Heads has a good reference section for technicals. We used this book for fashion illustration at school. I like the Stipleman book a little more for Croquis illustration than the 9 Heads book.

  3. Wow! Danielle!!! When are you introducing your fashion line? I love the idea of the big pockets – most aren’t big enough to hold much more than a loonie or two.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I quite like it. I like using a lighter touch on the tablet and want to vary my style more.

    I’m also… sigh… getting kind of tired of the “fashion illustration” legs. I think I want to achieve a bit more natural proportion for the legs. Time for me to unlearn some stuff.

    Still idealized of course. Gosh, drawing pretty people is fun.

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