TFBB six


Fashion bloggers were treated very well at Brassaii, and we weren’t just sitting pretty – there was some Very Serious Fashion ConversationTM between complimentary mimosas.

Yesterdays cast of characters –

Anita of I Want – I Got

Carolyn, who writes the Toronto Fashion Incubator Diary

Eden of Bargainista

Terrific fashion blog readers Andrai and Kasia

Sonja of

Adrian of Fashion Verbatim

Many thanks to Eden for taking care of the reservations. Brassaii was spacious, sunny, and the food was very tasty. Conversation ran the gamut…

Geeky stuff. Cool apps to sift through the internet like Google Alerts and The joys of hacking templates, breaking tables, and dangling tags, for crying out loud. How to do it, or how to get someone else to do it?

The peculiar Public Relations power of blogs – how to deal with getting pitched, when to post a pitch and when to delete it? Kathleen’s idea to make a policy post is a great one – when you get a solicitation, just send them the link. If you’re really curious about how fashion blogging is rocking the Fashion PR industry, then try reading PR Couture. PR is Canadian fashion’s greatest handicap – read Nathalie Atkinson’s article. How can we as fashion bloggers use our influence to create awareness of Canadian fashion?

The scuttlebutt. Ultimate Platinum and candid commentary – who knew so many people were so passionate about Canadian fashion! Finally a controversy to call our own, eh? Project Runway Canada – who is applying, who are the judges, what intern is sifting through the applications, and what does a kickass application look like?

The trends. The trend for not shopping – will it grow or remain a niche? The conditioning of fast fashion – can we break our addiction to novelty? How is it possible to be so fascinated and so bored at the same time? Paleo-youth – what happens when youth style is so slavishly retro? Do today’s kids have their own identity or is it just a postmodern pastiche of an older generation’s idea of youth?

The designers. How Prada directs the destiny of fashion trends even while mocking them. By dressing the elite in ugly clothing, Muiccia succeeds in making the ridiculous fashionable by ridiculing the fashionable. ( I never “got” Prada, but now thanks to Adrian I understand her genius and I am in awe.)

So that’s the flavour of TFBB – see how the awesomeness is non-stop?

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5 thoughts on “TFBB six”

  1. Thank you for the invite. It was nice to finally put a face to all the blogs that I read. Good luck with Project Runway and I will see you at the next TFBB.


  2. fascinated and bored… you read me like a book. Thanks for the recap! I wanted to be there but ended up having too much on my plate for a sunday…

  3. thanks for the mention! i think your fashion blogger meetups sound fantastic – wish I could come enjoy a mimosa with you all! xx

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