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The Globe and Mail asks… Are You the most Stylish Canadian? Which is cute, and kind of confusing. I would rather nominate someone else – I know perfectly well I am not the most stylish Canadian. I think the girls at should submit their pictures – they’re not only incredibly stylish, they know how to pose. I’m obviously biased towards bloggers but I think my newly discovered Canadian fashion blogger do this don’t could be a contender too.


Confusing how? Where to start. First of all comes the difficult task of explaining to Canadians what “stylish” means. You may have noticed that I get all fascinated with the fluctuating definitions of fashion words, but after reading the judge’s conversation I am beyond confused (click on Ask the Judges). Actually, that is usually the way I feel after reading the Globe’s style section… especially anything by Leah McLaren whose column seems to cover style in a way that I can’t relate to at all.

The most mystifying part of the contest is the Test Your Style Savvy. I love internet tests as much as the next blogger, but this test failed to evaluate my style savviness in any understandable way.

Various pictures of style icons are juxtaposed beside a “hit or miss” poll. Is anyone in their right mind voting Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or Diana Princess of Wales as unstylish? The sole Canadian content is Pierre Elliot Trudeau (23% voted his style as a miss). According to Globe Pollsters, the most unstylish style icons are Oscar Wilde at 44% miss, the Duke of Windsor at 36% miss, and Coco Chanel at 37% miss (huh?).

Why are all of these people dead and only one of them Canadian? The poll lead me right back to the beginning without giving me any indication of my relative Style Savvy. It’s nice to see a newspaper trying for interactivity, but I have to rate this poll a miss.

Whether the search for the most stylish Canadian is successful remains to be seen. Who would you nominate?

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6 thoughts on “the most stylish?”

  1. Nelly Furtado and Avril Lavigne come straight to mind…

    Now, I’m not not a big fan of skulls, stripes and metal, but somehow she makes it work.. and her new video Girlfriend has some interesting outfits (like the one she’s wearing while rocking on ‘stage’)

    Nelly Furtado would get my final vote. 🙂 She always looks put together… and never overly trashy. In fact, best in a tank and jeans…

  2. I kind of want to sign up for that, but I’m nowhere near cool enough. And I probably couldn’t write an essay on why I deserve to win for the life of me.

  3. Do it Isabel! It’s an easy shot at $5000 shopping. And dinner at Brassaii which is a very nice restaurant.  Just write it like you write for the blog – you’re good at it and that’s part of your style too.
    (FB, I have a thing for Avril too. It’s a poppy rock chick thing. I love her now that she’s getting poppier.)

  4. Girl, you are too sweet. I hardly consider myself the “most” stylish. Like I said, I just like to get dressed. It’s kind of a hobby.

    I agree that those listed are stylish but too easily so. There is nothing difficult to digest there. Those are safe choices that don’t require much insight to come up with. Who is contemporary and stylish? As much as I hate to admit to it, Gwen Stefani pulls some hot outfits together and pre solo career too. I don’t think celebs are who we should look to for style. They are dictated to by stylists and have great resources at their disposal. Everyday people are where it’s at.

    I will consider the brunch and maybe come one day if I don’t feel too dorky. We will meet up one day. I think your work is interesting (I mean this as a fat compliment since so much is uninteresting). Are you working in fashion? are you making your own stuff? are you selling stuff?

  5. S. – thanks for the fat compliment! These days I am dabbling in various fashion-related projects. I specialize in fashion illustration and pattern drafting. No, I’m not currently selling ready-to-wear. Yes I’m interested in collaborations. You know how to find me =)

    Miss Twiss – I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that…

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