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From FiftyRX3, a stunningly simple idea for converting a knit dress into something fun to play with.

Many new Toronto fashion blogs have come to my attention. For a sense of Toronto’s fashion conscious, both looking out and looking in, visit Madglam, Makeup Junkie, Chick Advisor, Mahalo Fashion, and TorontoStyle.

Cathy Horyn peruses a number of different subjects relating to the oligarchy of fashion and the true purpose of the fashion media… “Nonetheless, I will have to deal with the expectation that this is what “most people” want to read.”

At the Fashion-Incubator, Kathleen asks us to consider where our industry is headed as it appears we are approaching interesting times.

Generally, I view regional production as a positive. We used to have a lot of factories stuck in rural areas outside of larger cities. Many of those people, mostly women, never regained full time employment. It’s quite tragic really but maybe they’ll be the winners the next go round.

What would the effect on our industry be if gas prices doubled over the next ten years? What if they tripled or quadrupled over twenty to twenty five years? Any prognosticators in the crowd?

This is one of those ideas that the whole Final Fashion thing is all about. It deserves a well thought out post. So I am thinking…

Possibly one of the best designer blogs out there that I have found, Elaine Perlov offers up frequent quality posts on her blog, I am a Fashion Designer. Gee.

Apparently I am the last person on the internet to have found the cool hunter … which makes me rather uncool.

Guess who’s hosting Project Runway Canada? Hint: she is just as Canadian as Heidi Klum is American.

For the compendium of blogger reaction to the notorious Week of Style… read Anita’s post at BlogTO.

I have almost finished painting the last piece of silk for the wedding dress. I can not wait to clean up the studio, and finally cut and sew!

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  1. Hey Danielle!
    It was great meeting you at Fashion Fringe during the Week of Style and I’ve been trying ever since to find out what your site was! I couldn’t remember and then Ali from Chick Advisor said she listed you on her page. Anyways, I love your site and you are actually a true writer! Your posts are insightful, witty, intelligent and full of great fashion info. Anyways, thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated!

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