painting the lining

This is the second episode of a series documenting the creation of a wedding dress for my best friend K. You can see the original concept illustration here and the mockup of the bodice here.

I am painting the lining of the dress as well. I haven’t painted on silk in well over a year and I need the practice.

First I cover my cutting table with plastic and then I stretch the silk out like so…

silk stretched out

I pencil on my pattern pieces so I know where to start. The bodice is mostly blue and a little green.

blue for the bodice

Playing around with the colours and effects… salt looks neat…

salt patterns

Transitioning from blue to green for the skirt…

now adding green

The green goes goldish towards the hem. About now I start rethinking the order I want to apply the colours and start adding more water and mixing up my paints.

and gold towards the hem

Now it’s getting to be a bit of a mess as I am overworking it. Alas there is no Ctrl+Z in painting. It is just the lining so it will get covered up. Though I am considering redoing it…

a bit overworked

Expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing for the next little while. Prepping the fabric will be the longest step of the process for this dress.

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4 thoughts on “painting the lining”

  1. I love the picture where you transition from blue to green, with all the big dots. It’d be fun to stop there, cut out the coloured parts and throw in on a base of netting for a sweet tea dress.

    The whole process looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I actually really like the muddly-ness in the last photo. Maybe it’s because I’ve always prefered the look of fabric dying over painting! It’s going to be a beautiful dress.

  3. At first look I thought you were into weaving. But when I read your blog from start to finish I realized what a magnificent wedding dress you’re making!

    I have this favorite shirt with the same color of prints on it – lime green combined with electric blue print that says P-O-S-H. I love the color combination and so it became my favorite color.

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