The Atwood Style

Atwood, Margaret- 2005 credit J.Allen


She does it with a felt hat (possibly only one) and scarf, wool Bay blanket, bohemian black, snow in unruly hair, and an enigmatic smile.

Her smile keeps getting bigger the older she gets.

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6 thoughts on “The Atwood Style”

  1. meh, i’m not a fan. I don’t know why but I just don’t like her. I DO know why I don’t like her books though, but lets just not get into that.

    See you on thursday at Toronto Week of Style!

  2. To me, I think the essence that I love about the style is that the older she gets, the more she seems to enjoy herself. I hope in the future I can say the same about myself.

    Henna – no do get into it! What don’t you like about the books?

  3. The books – I think that I’m just the kind of reader who needs more action and needs to be drawn in. I’ve read the Robber Bride and Alias Grace. The first I found on sale and thought I may as well read it because I had heard so much about Atwood. The second was recommended by a good friend who said it was her favourite book. Both just seemed to drag on and on without really making me empathize or feel for any character. I never get drawn into Atwood’s books – I don’t miss the characters or the stories once the books end. Atwood’s writing is clear but ultimately it’s unmoving and the author/narrator seems to be as outside the story as the reader is.

  4. Like Crosby, I’m a huge fan. I guess we’re just drawn in by different things, Henna. I love the detached, ambiguous atmosphere of Atwood’s novels, it rings true for my life, anyway, but my life isn’t so action packed.

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