the scene last night

Fashion Cares 2007

It is Toronto’s biggest and best fashion event. Last night I got lucky and got to see the spectacle.

What a privilege to watch Dita Van Teese do her famous Champagne routine! It was incredible.

The event itself was a lot different than last year. It was at the distillery district and it was a cold May night. I felt bad for all the beautiful people in their amazing burlesque-themed outfits shivering. Fashion Cares traditionally tends to have a lot of skin to show off the M.A.C makeup so I saw a lot of goosebumps. This meant a lot of people left early. There were plenty of seats, a first for Fashion Cares. People with forethought to wear fur looked smart. This is Canada, right?

Fashion Cares shows another side of Canada I love too. Check out and you’ll see bohemians of high caliber. Toronto has a very liberal, tolerant, cosmopolitan side. We also have our own celebrated showoffs who are regarded with affection, admiration and humour (rarely reverent).

The other Canadian aspect of the event is the idea is that Fashion does care. Seeing around me the cast of characters both the established running the show, the first timers, the joy of imagining and creating and fantasy is real, the love is there and you can feel it. I highly recommend going, or volunteering.

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5 thoughts on “the scene last night”

  1. I agree it was a privilege to watch Dita. But that was the only thing good about the event. Venue was a sore spot for many fashionistas and ther heels – many a topple did I see on the cobble stones. I was one of those who left early because the lack lustre event was not worth sitting in the cold. There was no fashion to be seen by 12:30 a.m., why wait.

  2. Truly – cobblestones and heels are a painful combination!

    I was also disappointed with the limited fashion segment. Where was the parade of gorgeous gowns and models? We couldn’t see the awesome outfits on the dancers, there was no runway. Compared to last year the fashion component was just not there.

    It seems like a lot of changes were made for the sake of change, but Fashion Cares was fine the way it was. It is too bad the venue was not well thought out.

    I guess if we think we can do better we could volunteer for the committee next year.

  3. Fashion Cares 2007 was an incredible disappointment from start to finish. Outdoor events are fantastic, but not in May. And although the Distillery District is unique and full of character, the organizers relied way too much on it’s charm and fell very short on decorations and pizzazz.

    My heart broke for all of the stumbling fashionistas freezing their scantily clad rear ends off. With the money saved on decorations and models, could they not have put red carpet throughout the streets? I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a few sprained ankles and bruised egos.

    The shopping boutique was sad. It was so small with very little to selection. My companion and I usually spend hundreds in the boutique but this year, we didn’t even spend $100 between the two of us. Very disappointing.

    With respect to the show, there aren’t too many good things to say. Because there was only 1 ticket taker at 1 entrance, admission into the tent took far too long. The auction was also too long, with the items being way too pricy. The show had some good talent at the end, but few were there to witness it as more than half of the audience had given up and gone home.

    To top it all off, the after party was at location outside of the Distillery District (Kool Haus). I can’t comment on the party itself ’cause there was no way I was going to drive over there and pay for parking after such a disappointment evening.

    Fashion Cares 2007 failed to provide the WOW factor that it has provided over the previous years. Note to the organizers: when if it aint broke, don’t fix it. Go back to the previous location and format and hopefully you’ll get back some patrons who you’ve lost from this years fiasco.

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