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So… what happens when you post a delurk request and nobody delurks? Well, nothing, apparently.

If you have delurked already, would you like to help me with my next entry for The Fashion Spot’s Project Runway?

dior_couture1245’s Challenge lets us choose our own adventure:

For your next challenge…

Galliano is known for his cross cultural, cross period references all mashed up into one coherent collection (Empress Josephine/ Edie Sedgwick, Poiret/ Elvis Presley, Ancient Egypt/ Avedon and Penn, French Revolution/ S&M).

What you’ll do in this challenge is pick one theme from numbers 1-5 and pair it with a theme from A-E and design an outfit that is inspired by the two themes you picked. The winner will be chosen for his/ her ability to create an interesting design in which the two themes are aparent and combined seamlessly. (by the way, you don’t have to design with the extravagance of Galliano, you’re perfectly welcome to do so, though, if you wish)

THEMES: (pick one from 1-5 and combine it with one from A-E)

1. Bollywood
2. Medieval
3. Disco
4. Queen Elizabeth I
5. Andy Warhol

A. Madonna/ 1980’s
B. 1950’s Housewife
C. Aztec Warrior
D. Astronaut
E. Gangsta/ Hip-Hop street style

If my stats are accurate and someone is out there reading, what combination would you like to see me design? I’ll let you pick the model too…

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10 thoughts on “you pick”

  1. I think you should put the numbers 1 to 5 (with A to E on the back) in a hat and pull them out twice, the first time choose the number, then throw it back in and choose a letter. That’s what Dr. Dutilleul (my stats prof) would say (only with a Belgian accent :). It think that it could result in the greatest challenge…
    I hope that’s an okay opinion because I don’t know much about this Project Runway business (no tv and the only exposure to it is you!).
    I’m enjoying the posts on the wedding dress, by the way!

  2. That’s a good idea Dalila, I’ll do that.

    Maybe someone else will pick a model?

    Oh, and this game, TFS Project Runway is just an internet game on this fashion forum I go to. It’s just for fun and practice.

    Real Project Runway is on TV and stuff.

  3. That’s awesome! I would definitely have chosen Medieval. Astronaut – that’s just a hoot! I’d pick a model for you, the only trouble is I don’t really keep track of them.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do.

  4. Aw, thanks everyone for the suggestions but I picked all the way back at comment #3. I’d love to do them all but I don’t have time this week, sorry!

    Nice to see the Commodified drop by – hello, West Coast =), love your fashion blog!

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