beyond fashion blogland…

…there is the wider blogworld.

I am deeply indebted to many other bloggers, some famous and some not so much, for sharing information about who they are and what they do on the internet. I have learned a lot not only about blogging, but also people. Since becoming a blogger I find many of the qualities I pick up on the internet are social qualities. So oddly enough, my introduction to the internet has benefitted me in real life. Now I am less isolated, more sociable, less self-conscious, and more confident than I have ever been.

Or is a fresh awareness of human nature just a byproduct of being older than 23? I can’t help but think blogging might have had something to do with it.

So since I am too immersed in real life this week to blog properly for a few days, I thought I might link some of the bloggers in my feeds who blog about things other than fashion.

Accordion Guy, is one of Toronto’s most charismatic characters both on the street and in blog form. He works in tech and his archives have funny stories about dating and room-mates and stuff.

On the other side is The Grumpy Owl, the compellingly misanthropic musings of another Toronto character, a disaffected dandy, author of ultra violent science fiction and professional dilettante book reviewer.

I’ve been reading Gaping Void ever since I first had access to a personal computer. Must reads in the archives include that classic of online writing How To Be Creative. More than the content or the structure, but the attitude towards blogging is what I admire most about Gaping Void. Thank you Hugh for inadvertantly introducing me to the the internet and for the strong influence on the way I use the internet for my own purposes.

Seth Godin is a marketer and business book writer who demonstrates the ability to maximize both media for an elite audience with a wide appeal across all our niches. Reading by proxy (as he’s a huge influence to everone online) and then by RSS, Godin is one of the best bloggers out there because he is talented at ideas, writing and marketing… and that’s what great great blogging is all about.

HorsePigCow is Social Media techie stuff. Tara Hunt is a clever, opinionated Canadian woman blogging among the startups in San Francisco. What caught my interest was the documentation of her personal growth online. Through the archives you can watch her take stands, make mistakes, recover, piss people off, confront adversity, and learn. Hunt is fearless enough to admit when she is wrong, and she changes her mind – these are attributes that most people see as weaknesses but how can that be when it take so much strength? HorsePigCow showed me that blogging is best done with an open mind.

I Will Teach You to be Rich is a personal finance and entrepreneuship blog written for new graduates by one particularly precocious new graduate. Excellent archives – Ramit Sethi is a smart guy and well worth reading no matter what your age. He makes reading about personal finance inspiring – that is good blogging.

What else? For my local news I hit up Torontoist and blogTO. I lurk at Something Awful. I follow recipes on Tastespotting. Of course I have a profile on that devil dot com Facebook.

What about you? What are your favourite non-fashion clicks?

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4 thoughts on “beyond fashion blogland…”

  1. I am also convinced that blogging has helped me in real life. At 43, I feel more myself than ever before. Thanks for being one that helped me to get connected and realize how much fun it is!

  2. Blogging is helping me get my ideas and thoughts down. I was never good at having a diary growing up because my mind would go so fast. I am also learning to meet other people by blogging. but some of my fav nonfashion sites are: (for decoration tips) (for illustrator inspiration) (for spiritual uplift) (for news about home VA) (for recipes)


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