TFBB number nine redux

TFBB 9 was pretty fabulous!

Several of us were still sugared up from last night’s debut of Carolyn’s rock and roll band Satan’s Candy (the set featured the much anticipated number “Fashion up your A$$”). In addition to the band all in white I can think of three couples who dressed to complement eachother – lots of terrific outfits. The perfect blend of fashion and rock and roll – great party!

Other threads … technical drawings of knitting stitches … fashion Moo cards … missing Adrian … how artist agencies work … what to do when someone steals your posts … the unique culture of nail salons … and the pedestrian necessity of specifying a time and place. Brunch flies by.


So much thanks to everyone who came! Here’s the masthead –

Ali de Bold of Chick Advisor

Anita Clarke of I want – I got and blogTO

Barry Freedman – a reader, and we love meeting readers

Carolyn Rohaly of the TFI blog

Danielle Meder of Final Fashion

Eden Spodek of Bargainista

Gail McInnes of the Plutino Group

Henna Singh of Canadian Beauty

Jenna Wilson of Girl from Auntie

Sonja Andic of Toronto Street Fashion

Tierre Taylor of SNAP Downtown Toronto

Tons of extra thank yous to Anita for setting up the RSVP site, to Eden for making the reservations at Brassaii, and to Tierre for taking terrific pictures!

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