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Posting will be on hiatus for a couple days because I am going on a little trip to Ottawa. While in Canada’s capital I will be visiting family and friends, and in between I look forward to long open stretches of time to spend as I please. Perhaps, like Kathleen in Washington D.C., I will seek out my national library… if there is one.

While in Bytown I am taking the liberty of initiating an Ottawa Fashion Bloggers Brunch. If you’re an Ottawa located reader or fashion blogger and you would like to come, it is at the Manx on Saturday the 14 July, 11am. Please RSVP to me at

In the meantime, here is some capital C clicks for you to peruse if you wish…

One of the reasons I love fashion is its frivolity. No sooner do I read this article, then I see the very next day a biker dude wearing a t-shirt with the same effect. Cue the hail of bullets, this is DIY at its very finest. Hey, maybe instead of shooting people, people could shoot shirts. The effect should make it clear that you are wearing the shirt of your latest kill.

Pointcounterpoint. Disillusionment with the green consumer movement. As suddenly as fashion for a subject overwhelms the public conversation, it dissolves and devolves. The next word on everyone’s lips is reducing consumption. In a world that runs on more, the next fashion will be antifashion at its finest – it will be about less. Some say the thirst for novelty will never die, but I propose that for a society addicted to novelty, no novelty could be a novelty – as long as it is in fashion.

The deliberate inculcation of obsolescence is the essence of fashion, and the main reason it intrigues me. One of fashion’s chief inculcators, Muiccia Prada, pulled a stunt this season that blew me off my chair. Last season’s Prada show was so phenomenally ugly, I laughed out loud when I saw it on Short shorts and turbans? It looked so absurd! I could not imagine it in real life.

But I underestimated Prada’s power to lead fashion while mocking its ridiculous looking victims. For a long time, it seemed like I was right – I saw no turbans around me in real life, not even in shop windows. Only in fashion editorials. Then, two European style bloggers, Style Bytes and Style Bubble, both took the leap into turban-land. Then I was in American Apparel, and I think I saw this video loop of how to wrap a turban with this long piece of jersey they sell. Then I see turbans taking a prominent place in vintage store displays. It still hasn’t hit the streets of Toronto yet (will it?) but it is so obvious I was wrong about the turban. I will never again doubt Prada. The only thing that could make it even more insane would be if the turban was some kind of oblique commentary on world events. Perish the thought.

Bonus links – fashion blog zen – Your Destiny is Stone Golden and The Fray.

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8 thoughts on “capital Click”

  1. When I was in Gadabout a few weeks ago I almost bought a turban. I know, I laughed too at the thought originally. The Grumpy Owl though it looked okay. I was a little skeptical.

  2. National Archives, aka Libraries and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington, right to the east of the Supreme Court and west of Parliament.

    (haven’t had time to write responding e-mail, so dive-bombing with destinations instead.)

  3. Now why am I feeling stupid about not realizing Ottawa was the capital of Canada when other people are wearing turbans? Ah! I can’t believe I said that! I really like both those bloggers. lol

  4. I’ve seen the turban worn in Toronto! Twice! Once was at the Urban Outfitters, and another time was on Bellair street. You can see that they both caught my eye since I remember both sightings so vividly.

  5. While you’re browsing the market (bytowne), be sure to stop by Allegro, Norml, and Neon. For all the stores, the stuff that is worthy of your time is upstairs.

    hope you like ottawa :]


  6. I think when skinny jeans first became widespread is when I first threw my hands in the air at how susceptible the public is to what the fashion authorities dictate. I’m sure I’ll soon see turbans on the hipsterati of Seattle; in fact, I don’t doubt that it’ll replace the knit hat this winter. Sigh.

    And thanks for suggesting me as an alternate read! I’m flattered.

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