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Things are happening in the studio and in the city, things that keep me from posting very often, for now. I can not wait to post the delivery and review of Carolyn’s Moo cards, and I am eager to pick some of the awesome fashion playlists to make CD inserts for. In the meantime, here is what fell from the internet tree when I shook it…

  • At fiftyRX3, Jill Danyelle has completed her cycle of documenting her clothing and its provenance. In a series of fascinating posts, she shows her exploration of style, fashion and consumption through the lens of the three R’s – reducing, re-using, and recycling. Her archives are not to be missed. If you want to keep following Jill’s perspective on style, this is her lab.
  • San Francisco Fashion Week turns those pesky fashion bloggers away, ensuring that the world will never know what sort of fashion comes from San Francisco. It occurs to me that bloggers may be the best thing to ever happen to second tier fashion weeks – after all, what other media with any international audience actually go to local fashion weeks? Exactly! Except in San Francisco, which is ironic considering what a techy city it is. Not to mention the high caliber of San Francisco fashion bloggers, including Verbal Croquis, Bits & Bobbins, and The Coveted.
  • The Street Style blog trend is so fully disseminated that street style blogs are beginning to pop up in third-tier fashion cities like London, Ontario and even Ottawa. Some ask why anyone would want to see what non-Toronto Ontarians wear (it is pretty much what you would expect), but I say, why not? I am anticipating the day when really small towns get their own street style blogs. Lets see less posers and more hosers, eh?
  • Bonus – check out some of Final Fashion’s much appreciated incoming linkers and commenters this week – Indyish, SICK, and FASH Report.
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  1. Hmm, since when is London a fashion hotspot? Imagine if Belleville had it’s own Street Style blog? It would be an American Eagle-flavoured disaster.

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