fashion playlist 1


My first shot at the Fashion Playlist CD Game. It is inspired by the playlist entitled “Fashion Week with Heatherette” by a girl named Rock.

Theme: Fashion Week with Heatherette

Filthy Gorgeous – Scissor Sisters
Fishnet Stockings – Stray Cats
Heroine Chic – My Dying Bride
Too Funky – George Michael
Up on the Catwalk – Duran Duran
The Model – Belle & Sebastian
Rip Her to Shreds – Blonde
New York Girls – Morningwood
First we take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen
Change Clothes – Jay Z
Hey Scenesters – The Cribs

I like it okay, but it looks like an expected way to use a square canvas, and I didn’t include the runway theme or the idea of “tearing her to shreds” which would have been a lot more exciting. Next time I shall try something a bit different. Keep suggesting playlists, good themes are inspiring!

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3 thoughts on “fashion playlist 1”

  1. I think it’s grand! Particularly the use of the circle motif from background, to thought bubble, to shoe, to holes in the fishnets …

  2. Thank you Wendy =) The square canvas is a fun challenge. I’m getting more comfortable with my “style” too. This one is a bit homage to Antonio =P

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