Carolyn’s fashion moo cards

Carolyn's fashion moo cards

My friend (and well manicured rock star) Carolyn has received and is distributing her custom fashion moo cards. These are little cards with your custom contact info, that I’m currently offering to illustrate with an original fashion figure to my client’s specifications. Carolyn volunteered to be my first client, helping me test and refine the process of ordering and creating the moo cards.

The original process of developing the illustration and the cards is here. There is not much in the way of changes.

One thing I didn’t include was the opportunity to choose the font and colour for the information on the back of the card:
moo card type choice

So I’ve made sure to include that step with future clients. I guessed that Carolyn would like typewriter (and I was right), but I don’t have the privilege of knowing all my clients that well.

The other thing I figured out is that I have to remember to get the clients to clearly sign off on the information they want on the card. I forgot to double check with Carolyn and I accidentally omitted her email address. In this day and age, what is the point of a card without a URL or email addy? So I apologized and bought her another set with the correction.

As for the illustration itself, it turned out okay and Carolyn liked it, but I did not do a good job of tailoring the proportion of the illustration to the cards. We came up with a solution, but given a second chance I would make Das Duchess Karolka better fit her intended media.

The other thing that we have discovered is that sometimes there is an extra shipping charge, and sometimes there is not. The first set of cards came with a COD fee of about $7, and the second one came without the fee. I’m getting to the bottom of this one, so until I figure out how that works, I think I owe Carolyn a few drinks for being such a tolerant first client. Thank you!

My second client Gail let me know that she just got her Moo Cards and is loving them; her custom illustration met rave reviews on Facebook. Still, so far my effort at micropreneurship is catching on very slowly. Do you or anyone you know want a personalized fashion illustration on a set of business cards, or on your facebook, or on your blog? Why or why not? Drop me a line at

Also, do you have any comments about fashion moo cards? I am open to all opinions, ideas, and challenges while experimenting with this little venture.

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5 thoughts on “Carolyn’s fashion moo cards”

  1. Everyone loves my Danielle-customized moo cards. A comment from a friend: “I covet them”. When I finish this first round, I might have to ask you to do a new illustration so people can start collecting them!

  2. I am going to be getting in touch with you about my own set of cards – love the image you did of Gail it rocks!!! Just as much as she does.
    love them
    Sonja Andic

  3. For the extra fees, there are custom related fees. You never know when and how much they will be charging you. The total amount is a mix of custom fees, TPS and administrative fees by the company handling the process.

    A tip, I usually found that if you do not mention a company name on your delivery address, you increase your chances to avoid the custom fees.

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