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baptiste lake
Baptiste Lake, by Michael Clesle

This last little bit of summer is just awesome… this has been an incredible summer for me, maybe the best ever. I just finished up some fun projects on tight deadlines, and so I am free to go off to lake, rock and tree country for a couple days.

Since I will be away for a while, you will have to go elsewhere on the internet for your kicks and clicks…

The Grumpy Owl gets drawn… and the experience receives a rare good review from an acknowledged apathist… that is really something eh?

So FASH’on turns her cheap white sunglasses towards… me.

Elaine tagged me to offer up eight things about me on I am a fashion designer. Gee. Back in the day when I did that meme, it was just five things. Go ahead and guess the other three.

In an effort to win some jeans, I displayed some jeanius.  If you support the idea of me in high waisted jeans, help me win by voting.

And in other me me clicks, go check out the articles I did for blogTO this month. Still finding my voice as a girl reporter, and I have a lot to learn yet as far as photos go. Personal picks so far – The Portrait Gallery of Canada featuring Sarah from Dress and Suit… and of course the UKULA review which I investigated with the good company of Ryan, one of my awesome readers.

Did I mention that I love all of you, everyone who visits Final Fashion? I have to step up to deserve such wonderful readers. Thank you so much for clicking on my site, and special thanks to everyone who comments and emails. The response to the draping demo was incredible and much appreciated!  From Now Magazine:

Meder had the crowd worried, as she spent the first hour of the show fiddling with her cloth on the ground. The prep paid off when she dressed her mannequin and turned it toward the crowd, revealing a grid of intricate fabric pinches and the dramatic swag of a bustle in the back.

Irene from is moonlighting with her collective of merry fashion pranksters and partiers on the KnowDressCode blog… for those who like their fashion fun with a shot of hard liquor straight. Too strong for you? Dance it off.

Designers!  You have to buy your fabric, sketch your designs, and complete your outfits… in five minutes.

The Business of Fashion comments on the state of Canadian fashion with new eyes.  To an outsider our self deprecation seems to betray a lack of confidence, a lack of awareness, or maybe just a lack of ambassadors? What do you think, is Canadian fashion really just about models?

Almost without exception… questions [about the Canadian fashion scene] were met with a slight shrugging of the shoulders and a resignation that the local scene is nothing to write home about. “There’s not a lot going on,” I was told over and over again. “Canadian designers lack the confidence to push forward their own ideas, choosing instead to be ‘inspired’ by major international designers.”

Finally, fashion blog karma for some of my outstanding incoming linkers.  Check out Almost PrettySew Stylish, and Operation Stitch.

Have a terrific weekend!

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