places to go, things to see

My moleskine is getting all filled up with deadlines, meetings, dinners and brunches, and of course events.  It means that I am not posting as much as I would like, but at least I am busy doing things I like to do.

Here is a couple excerpts from my itinerary that I am looking forward to.  If you are in Toronto why not come check them out too, and if you see me come say hello, I love meeting readers.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival – many terrific illustrators and storytellers here – free admission, panels and seminars.  I am planning on being there earlier in the day on Saturday and I will show up on Sunday too if I finish my projects before deadline.

Toronto Fashion and Design Festival – is being hotly anticipated by all of us fashion bloggers.  Lots of fun stuff going on including NOW’s Upcoming Designer competition and a live draping demo by designers from the Toronto Fashion Incubator (possibly including me… we’ll see) – plus I will be with the media.

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4 thoughts on “places to go, things to see”

  1. Hello. I was just curious if this festival is accessible to everyone? Is there a fee? Sounds exciting. I want in!!!!!

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