TFBB Ten on Sunday


Please note the new place and time!  As always, all fashion bloggers and fashion blog readers are welcome.

What’s on tap?  The Toronto Fashion and Design Festival is happening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I will be covering the events for blogTO and also will be demonstrating draping on the main stage at Dundas Square on Saturday at 2pm.  Fashion feat or fiasco?  You get to decide if you come and see me do something I haven’t done since fashion school in front of Toronto’s busiest intersection.

Then you can come talk about it at brunch.

Plus… I’m not the only blogger from Toronto going to Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York… we’ll find out who else is going and plan to meet at Balthazar.  We promise to come back to Canada and dish next month.

The best of Toronto’s fashion blogging happens over eggs benny – if you want to pass the ketchup, please RSVP.

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3 thoughts on “TFBB Ten on Sunday”

  1. I don’t know.. lol.. I kept staring at your gorgeous graphic and then I noticed “carleton” and then was like… waiiitt a minute… so I looked it up just to be sure. Nice illo by the way.

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