the late review – Fashion Babylon

The late review comes after I read a book long after everyone else has read it, and I write a small review. This time Anita from I want – I got lent me the book.

Fashion Babylon, by Imogen Edwards Jones is glorious ball of fashion myth and trash talk, and it is all extra true.

Featuring much improbable innuendo that confirms fashion’s terrible reputation, this piece of fiction is told with that breathtaking, casual hyperbole that all of us fashion people are experts at.

Someone not familiar with the industry might be wondering if we are all like this. The answer is that our quirks vary in detail, but on average, yes we are like this.

The main character somehow manages to be the sum of the worst traits of designers in general. Many of the good traits of designers that I know of did not make it into this book.

There is a lack of empathy for either the characters or even fashion itself. It may be that the anonymous narrator is more self-deprecating than objective; or because good traits are too old fashioned for modern chick lit.

That is it for the late review… stay tuned for a later review of The Collection by Gioia Diliberto, that will be posted after I have read it.

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