Lena Love from Life

I went to Dr. Sketchy’s tonight. I tried to cajole various others to come with me, to no avail, so I went alone among the sketchy strangers.

I am finding a fresh fascination in drawing from life since my attempts in New York. It is fun, it is fast, and it fine tunes the skills. I enjoyed this session very much and hope to find the time to try other opportunities for life drawing whenever they come up. If anyone wants to come with, I would love the company – let me know.

Lena Love is a Queen of Clubs who possesses that blend of confidence and exhibitionism that makes great models so fun to draw.

lena love

lena lovelena love

lena love

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8 thoughts on “Lena Love from Life”

  1. I’ve been wanting to find a place to draw live models forever in San Diego! Thanks for posting; I’m definitely going to the next Dr. Sketchy’s here. It always takes me a while to get back into it but I love it so so much.

  2. those are fierce. i am sorry i didn’t help to plan the brunch. let me help next time.

    send those over to lena, she would gag.


  3. Christy – you’ll have to show me yours after you go 😉

    Thank you Meaghan and Barry! I sent the link to Lena as you suggested Barry. I hope that gagging is a good thing in this context.

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