NY four

Phew. I decided to stay for Monday morning for the chance to meet a designer whose work I admire. After that I am actually kind of looking forward to hopping on the bus back to Toronto, back to Ray and the studio and the work I have waiting for me there. New York City is fun and exciting and amazing, and yet to answer those who ask if I am moving here, it is not my home.

Only one thing was missing from my trip – I didn’t get to see Julie, who is not feeling well and is just too busy working. Julie was my earliest incoming linker back when fashion blogging was young. I am glad that fashion blogging is leading to bigger things for her, and I hope she finds the downtime she needs in her new home in San Francisco to recover her health.

Yesterday started off with New York bagels (wonderful!) and one of those awful, gigantic “medium” American coffees.  After wishing Joi luck as she went off to her craft fair in Brooklyn, I went over to Steak Frites for my New York Fashion Bloggers Brunch.

Only one of my RSVPs showed up – Lauren of Fops and Dandies.  Far from being a disappointing turnout, Lauren proved my notion that great blogs are written by awesome people.  We had a terrific time talking about food, what the key to success for emerging designers might be, and whether the great monopoly of influence wielded at Vogue magazine is a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing.

After that it was back to the tents to see Reem Acra, a label I was not familiar with that featured some very lovely colours and fabrics and also a few peculiar gowns.  I had a seat this time too so I managed to get some more sketches done.

Last night was still very sticky and hot in the city so I went back to Joi’s to wash my face and feet for the millionth time, watched a little Full-Frontal Fashion on TV (Yeohlee’s collection was much more beautiful now that I had the chance to see the full figures of the models), and called up my fellow Toronto fashion blogger and New York visitor Anita to see what she was up to.

I met Anita and her friend Jason at their hotel, and we checked out the Saks shoe department (which famously has its own zip code), and enjoyed a lovely meal of Mexican seafood while we discussed our fashion week experiences.

That was all for yesterday.  Next time I post I will be back in Toronto.  I had a lot of requests for these NY updates so I hope that they were worth reading, and if not they are a nice little memoir for me.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit friends and see a world class fashion week, and have enjoyed myself very much.

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