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Project Runway Canada

It is time to take a break from drawing and attend to my Project Runway Canada review duties. See you on the other side.

Thanks are in order to my friends from school, Stephanie and Janet, who graciously hosted the last two stops on my grand tour of television moochery. This enabled us to watch with a certain level of shared experience, like the way we all groan simultaneously whenever we hear the phrase “passion for fashion”. All the Fashion 06ers from my school know what I am talking about.

Things are getting a bit more interesting because the designers characters are more familiar now. Whether in school or on the town or on television, I love watching fashion people. As judge Shawn Hewson suggests, perhaps there is something innately Canadian about these characters that is both admirable and frustrating. Often you will see a designer take a fall just to avoid upsetting someone else. This creates self-defeating situations that seem absurd in a competition and is also somewhat endearing. What could be more Canadian than that?

The blogs add a welcome dimension to what it might be like inside, though it seems apparent that we might never really know. The comment sections are as awful as anything. Still, the lucid commenters and designers seem to agree that the judging doesn’t inspire confidence in the show’s tenuous premise of being a talent competition. In that way I feel like the judges and the hosts might have the least autonomy on the show, even less than the designers. Iman in particular seems to be using someone else’s words on both the show and her blog, except for the judging when she gets all unscripted and feisty.

Picks of the blogs –

Marie Genevieve explains her design decisions in episode four very well. I liked how out of all the groups MG showed the most decisive leadership, and I think the quality of the mini collection reflected that. She is a tall poppy and she has the right attitude, even if most Canadians are critical of those who risk sticking their neck out.

Carlie’s blog continues to be the best written, and feels more personal and less guarded than the others. I have consistently admired each of her designs on the show. I find it baffling how so far she has been mostly ignored by the judges. If I could choose the final three, she would be one.

As for the blog-awful… the most insufferable boosters and haters belong to Evan Biddell and Megan (western rink-side rhetoric, now on the runway), and despite his distinctly bland television persona, on the internet Brian Bailey is generous with his exclamation points!

I saw Evan Biddell and Carlie frequently at fashion week but did not approach them. I wonder if they are tired of the attention. It is always a peculiar thing to see a TV person in real life. You feel like you know them but it is an illusion your brain plays on you. I am glad Tiff was not as shy as I was.

Also, I chose not to go to the PRC show at fashion week so I would not spoil the show for myself, so please do not tell me about it. I can be patient.

So I started musing who my picks of the top three or four designers are. I would have to say Carlie, Marie Genevieve, Shernett and Lucian. Though it is hard to tell now, I would say out of all the designers there are seven who could easily be the winner if they rise to the occasion. Who would be in your top three or four?

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4 thoughts on “couchsurfing PRC – Episodes 3 and 4”

  1. I was really shy! I didn’t even talk to them until the last day at Fashion Week, and in a moment of complete terror, I ran up and asked them a few questions. Afterwards, I ran into Andrew, who was spying on me while I was talking to them because he was too shy to talk to them, too!

  2. My coworker told me about this blog and the nice things that were said about me. Thanks. It’s always nice to hear positive feedback when the official blogs are riddled with horrible comments.

    Don’t be shy to approach us! That’s crazy talk. W’ere all just people, you know. 🙂

  3. You’re welcome Carlie. It’s a shame that the comments on Slice aren’t better moderated, I much prefer to discuss on my own blog with all of our real names.

    Usually I am not so shy, I don’t know what got into me. Thanks for commenting, I am cheering for you!

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