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The fashion industry’s fourth wall is collapsing.  Marc Jacobs left a comment addressing a post on Cathy Horyn’s blog about an incident of facial expression at the Louis Vuitton show (scroll down to number 40).   Could this be the beginning of the end of the designer mystique?

Horyn’s next post responded to Jacob’s comment and amended her previous statement.

It might not seem remarkable, but that little exchange makes public relations the monkey in the middle and has implications for how the fashion industry, and really, every industry, is changing.

I noticed the other day that Kanye West has a blog now.  Whether it is him or his staff hitting the post button is not important – West has figured out that on the internet, getting your version or vision out there is your prerogative.

Especially if you are a celebrity.

Or a fashion designer.

Or a journalist.


I expect to see a lot more participation on the internet from some perceptive, talented, and even famous people out there.

The internet is an extension of your nervous system that connects you to other people’s nervous systems.  It is both personal and universal.  It collapses time and space.

It is incredible!

Now is a good time to invest.

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