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Whether I have been sitting in the fourth row or the first row, I have taken out my pencils and sketchbook for every show I have seen so far.  Now I have a great stack of sketches, several which show promise for further development.

If only I had a bit more time in between work, show attendance and everything else to be able to sort through my stack of papers and bring you something more!  But I think my redux of the week will have to wait a few days, and until then, here is the highlights of L’Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto, as brought to you by the fashion blogs.

Anita has been taking the lead in fashion week coverage at blogTO, but stay tuned for offerings by new team members Gail and Sandra.  I have even managed to throw in my own perspective on Zoran Dobric’s show.

The blonde with the biggest smile at the right is the one and only Susie Love.  Her booth at the tents adorned with her abundant, whimsical jewelry, has been the focus of much-deserved attention.  Susie’s designs will also be adorning Ula Zukowska’s models today.

Nathalie Atkinson, fashion editor at the National Post is posting fashion week day by day over at The Ampersand.

Pictures, pretty people and parties galore are brought to us by the intrepid team at

There are more of course – check my del.ici.ous links at the sidebar where I am collecting all the best links of the season.

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  1. Hi Libo,

    It is based on an actual dress of Susie’s that is black lace over a light grey silk… I took a scan of some white lace, reversed the colours, shrunk it small, and used the rubber stamp tool in photoshop to colour in the drawing. I often scan in patterns and textures to give fabrics more depth and realism.

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