photos of a bride

A while ago I made a dress for my best friend, who was celebrating her wedding. There were requests for more pictures when I finished the dress, and a few months later, here they are. Thank you to photographers Shannon and Andy.

It was a lovely ceremony, the clouds literally broke open at that perfect moment and the sun shone on the happy couple.

You can see a recap of the creation of the dress here.

You can see all of the pictures in the Flickr set.

K and her family

K and her family.

K dancing

K's wedding cake

Our friend Wendy, who was the one who originally taught me to paint on silk, made this gorgeous cake with pretty little dolls dressed just like K and her partner.

K and her partner during the ceremony

During the ceremony.

K and her partner

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  1. Danielle, the dress was so suited to the bride and the occasion! I must say that final photo of the couple walking down the road is poetic — and the dress reflects the colours of nature around them.

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