TFI’s new HQ

Diyachenka and Rowe

Malak and Revolve

I visited the Toronto Fashion Incubator‘s new home at Exhibition Place this morning. The facilities look terrific, and the showroom is breathtaking. It is a wonderful place for young entrepreneurs to build their businesses.

Some of the TFI’s current talent was also on hand to show us a preview of their fresh Spring 08 threads and beads. A perfect opportunity to practice sketching. The lovely models and designers indulged me with their poses and clothes. Thanks to everyone who played along.

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7 thoughts on “TFI’s new HQ”

  1. nice work;) i will pass on your info to frederick…he’s great…i have one of his pieces on my wall;) and yes…i would love to be sketched..never have, well, not intentionally, but, this one time i was having a cigarette outside of a bar and i noticed this guy sitting on the side of the street staring at me, then looking away, and it appeared as though he was working on something….i walked over…and to my surprise, saw this incredible sketch of myself…just standing there doing what i do…it was very cool…that was like three years ago, and i still have it;)

  2. Awesome sketches. For someone looking to improve, but not sketch professionally do you have advice? What media do you use?



  3. Danielle, your sketches are beautiful! It was great to see you yesterday and I’m glad that you like TFI’s new space. Many thanks again for supporting TFI! Susan

  4. Thank you everyone.

    Joelle, I’ll have to get you to pose for me sometime =)

    My advice if you want to sketch fashion figures, KatyRenee, is to practice drawing from life, and to practice laying out proportions, and to build the figure from the inside out – use your pencil and eraser. Really, it is all about practice. I think maybe after I do this for 50 years I may be able to really impress myself.

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