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Today I am cleaning up my studio to prepare for meetings, cleaning up my paperwork for the month of October, and just for you cleaning up of all the links that collect in my bookmarks and my feeds and my email, waiting for someone else to click on them.

Once all the good housekeeping is done I will be walking down Queen Street to be a hanger-on at the second Chick Advisor Shop Crawl. I do not need anything so I will not be shopping, I just like to hang out with the other bloggers and readers, and the chick community are a fun crowd too. This time CBC television will be there shooting so that will be interesting.

The Grumpy Owl wants you to support his satirical facial hair for the month of Movember. This absurd mustache is raising money for cancer research. And it raises questions. Why are post-modern mustaches grown in the service of charitable stunts and purposefully ironic ugliness instead of good old fashioned fashion? Does Brian Bailey’s mustache represent the vanguard of an authentically meaningless upper lip? Discuss.

Wrap-ups of L’Oreal Fashion Week are all over the place. A few choice last words other than my own:

To all the bloggers I met at fashion week, readers who comment and incoming linkers out there, here is some fashion blog karma for you.

  • Freebird – a Parsons student and commenter with a cute personal blog.
  • Fashion Schmashion – longtime local reader Finch’s intermittent fashion blog.
  • The “It” Book – recommendations from a beauty editor and style writer in Toronto.
  • La Primavera – thoughtful fashion blog from a precocious teenager.
  • The Skinny – anonymous Toronto fashion gossip.
  • Toronto Style – blogs the urban side of Toronto’s fashion scene.

That is enough clicking for today, but if you are still here there is one more click that will make your day. Prince brings funk to Matthew Williamson’s Spring 2008 show… and it is fly from coast to coast. Go ahead Chelsea!

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7 thoughts on “clean clicks”

  1. I asked Wendy in an email where she saw him, it was live on the shopping channel this morning, purveying his usual selection of lovely dresses for ladies.

    Doubtful that Mr. Bailey reads the blog, but if he does I want to assure him I am not anti-mustache. I am just interested in the relative ironies of post modern mustaches in general and was using his as an example of what may have been a non-ironic mustache.

    Ryan, I think that your reaction is mustache based only. Mustaches have that effect on people. I wonder what reactions to yours will manifest? (“I hope he is not left alone with an entire modern nation of supposedly civilized people”)

    I wonder without the mustache if Mr. Bailey’s true character shines through a little better? Apparently to Wendy, he seems more comfortable on TSC than on PRC. I wonder why.

  2. ”I hope he is not left alone with an entire modern nation of supposedly civilized people”

    Mustache or not, people have been saying that about me for years.

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Im an aspiring fashion designer from Vancouver and have been reading your blog for a few months. I enjoy reading it and I love your illustrations. Hopefully one day i can get my butt over to visit the East coast & check out the fashion scene there. Vancouver is still lacking but I love living in this city. Just wanted to say hello and hope you dont mind me adding your link on my blog. =) cheers.


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