couchsurfing PRC – Episode 6

Project Runway Canada

For this episode Gail and I enjoyed Susie Love‘s hospitality. Surrounded by Susie’s amazing jewelry, with a glass or three of good cheer, made me very happy that I do not have cable. It is a pleasure to be compelled to spend my Monday evenings amongst such fine company. Thank you Susie and Gail!

My episode review and another fashion week sketch are on the other side of the line.

First of all, how adorable are all the designers now? They all have strong characters, and the show is getting better and better the more we get to know them.

Carlie is out, which is disappointing. Her dress this episode just was not up to her previous standard. More than once she went out of her way to accommodate Megan. It is like a disease that Canadian designers have, this self-sacrificing instinct to make other people look good. It is not the way to go.

Ian Hylton was the guest judge this time. I remembered seeing him speak when I was in university and at the time it was remarkable to watch this enthusiastic, flamboyant character tell his story in breathless stream of consciousness. On the show last night, he appears to have succumbed to the disease that PRC hosts and judges get, the main symptom which manifests as boring phoniness in even the most wonderful people.

Marie Genevieve is back – gee, I really did not see that one coming. Both her and her partner Shernett‘s dresses this episode were, in my opinion, awful. It seems that two of PRC’s most talented individuals combined together cancel out somehow.

Lucian won, finally, which is a relief. His outfit was terrific and so was his partner Stephen‘s. The comment the judges offered Stephen is that his style was overpowered by Lucian’s, and Stephen appeared to agree.

To the left is a sketch from the Holt Renfrew designer meet and greet at the end of fashion week. Greta Constantine was one of the lines featured, and Stephen Wong is one of the label’s co-designers.

Is it just me or is the silhouette and character of this Spring 2008 style not reminiscent of Lucian’s winning design this week? Did Lucian deserve more or less credit for designing in Stephen’s style?

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  1. It was fun – and so good to see it on an actual TV rather than on my computer. I completely agree that the judges were very hard on Stephen – and you made such a fantastic point with your illustration. Can’t wait for next week.

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