final fashion for teens

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jocelyne and Crystal, two students at U of T who organize a fashion club for teenagers called TRENDS. They asked me to come to their meeting this month and talk about my experiences as a fashion student, illustrator and blogger. I am also planning on showing the members how to draw a classic nine-head fashion figure by formula.

I am allowed to invite a few people to come.  I know I have a few teenage readers in and around Toronto, and this would be a terrific opportunity to meet you.  The TRENDS event is on this Saturday afternoon (November the 24th) at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. If you would like to attend, email me at for details.

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3 thoughts on “final fashion for teens”

  1. Nadia – eek, I suppose I am, at least slightly. How about you with your corporate life, are you all grown up now? We miss you here on the internet.

    Wendy – I will do a follow-up, I wonder how it will go.

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