Pourquois Pas?

As an inveterate bohemian I do not have a great disposable income for frivolities like magazines, but when confronted with David Downton‘s compelling entreaty Pourquois Pas… I simply can not think of a reason why not. This is a magazine that is everything I wish a magazine would be.

For good or bad we are all artists or creators now, or at least we have that capability. The question became why NOT do your own magazine?

– David Downton


The drawings are treated like the treasures they are and the text and graphic design lets the illustrations take the lead. The writing offers applause for the contributions of fashion illustrators past and present.

joe eula

The greatest treat for me is the glimpse into the working lives of artists like Downton and Eula. The magazine is not without a stellar supporting cast of divine models drawn from life like Carmen Dell’Orefice and great fashion writers like Cathy Horyn and Sarah Mower (both who are known to doodle in lieu of notes). In short, it is an effort that I most appreciate. Thank you David Downton and all of your marvelous friends.

To wrap up, a taste of some of the passages that have resonated with me.

“He was full of bravado and self-assurance, but he laughed at himself and was great fun to be with. He was also a great sales person. He sold himself to the fashion industry and used all his skill to describe the essence of the collections. In a way, he opened the door for other fashion illustrators.”

– Carmen Dell’Orefice on Joe Eula


“The point where art and fashion meet is fertile ground for personal expression… I began to see that there is a meritocracy at work. To be a successful fashion illustrator you HAVE to be good, since only the best and most accomplished sustain careers. It can not be done with hype.”

– curator William Ling

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One thought on “Pourquois Pas?”

  1. David Downton is absolutely amazing!!!!

    From broswing through your Illustration section, I have learned a few great fashion illustrating books and amazing illustrators!!

    Please keep it up!! This is a great learning source for beginners like me.

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