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My couchsurfing days are over… unless another season comes along I suppose.  I watched Episode 9 with Susie and Episode 10 with Anita.  Next Monday the F-List are hosting a Finale Party and there will be fashion bloggers there.  I am psyched.  Who else is coming?

The last of my spoiler posts is after the tease.

Episode 9.

The designers meet Nick Verreos of Project Runway Season 2 at FIDM in Los Angeles.  The challenge was resort wear for both themselves and their models.

Biddell is getting a bit too annoying to be sympathetic now, and even his design was a bit obnoxious.  I do not understand the praise of the judges, but it certainly was the most provoking piece of the entire show.  Perhaps it was a bit of a relief, even if the Canadian version of provoking is a little tame.

The rest of the designers displayed a steady level of taste and quality that I think is emblematic of the Canadian show.  Having re-watched the American seasons of Project Runway recently, I realized that the level of finishing on the Canadian designs compares favourably.  All of the designers are genuinely talented.

Marie Genevieve won, and her garments were nice as always, but I really felt that Stephen deserved to win this challenge.  How he was overlooked for the swimwear show is even more mystifying.  Both he and MG are easy to love.

Shernett was sent home, and her stoic assessment that she did not make terrific TV was about right.  Her farewell PRC garments are fine examples of why she is a designer and not an entertainer.  My best wishes for Shernett, I am glad that PRC introduced me to her work.

Episode 10.

It seems like every version of PRC that the final challenge is played safe.  The final four are often given the opportunity to produce something over-the-top, and the result is almost always underwhelming.  Perhaps the designers are all tired.  Maybe because the stakes are high, the designers are more cautious.

The challenge was to dress Iman for fashion week.  Each designer asked the most peculiar questions, not the sort of thing I would expect from a designer dressing a client.  The dresses were all the same silhouette, and each designer chose the same hairstyle.   It really was not much of a choice for Iman.

Stephen lost his nerve this week.  His design was hesitant and the execution was unsure.  It was incredibly sad to see him go.

Biddell gave a real effort this time and produced a tight, clever dress.

Lucian designed a gorgeous dress this week.  It was wonderful to see him win.

Iman and Brian Bailey both have become more endearing, gradually, throughout the show, and especially this episode where they both played a larger part than usual.

The final three designers should make an interesting show next week.  I look forward to watching it, and maybe I will see you at the party.

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