final 2007

Such a great year. Lots of ups and downs. I tried a lot of new things and made my fair share of mistakes, and learned more than I can express in a post.

This year I became a fashion illustrator. At the beginning of the year I had no idea what I was supposed to be. Setbacks in other ventures and a lack of confidence held me back. Finally in July, I recognized it and consciously chose it, embracing the uncertainty, interesting things started to happen. I finally feel like I am on the Earth living a life I love.

I also kept blogging, sometimes getting involved, getting myself out there and occasionally even getting noticed. I love meeting all the wonderful fashion people both in Toronto and New York. It truly is a privilege to be surrounded by such a rich variety of characters, all with so much passion and fascination for this fashion thing.

I did a few things this year that I am proud of, and I can think of so many inspiring people I have met who have accomplished such amazing things this year. I really feel like I am a small part of fashion on a worldwide, countrywide, and citywide level and it gets me excited for everything that is possible. I want to give fashion all I have got.

So to recap my year I just wanted to link a few of my favourite moments. Thank you for reading, writing, and linking.

Feb 1 – NOW magazine features 5 fantastic Toronto Fashion Bloggers, including Final Fashion.

April 11 – Deciding to apply for Project Runway. Got auditioned. Did not get in – thank goodness. We had a lot of fun watching it though.

April 18 – Reviewing Ultimate Platinum, the Toronto Fashion Incubator‘s New Labels competition. Began my novitiate journey into understanding the finer art of the review.

May 13 – Froze my ass without a pass among the far more fabulous at Fashion Cares.

July 2 – My beautiful best friend wore a dress I made for her on her wedding day.

August 4 – Joined Anita and the team at blogTO. Learning to write for another site has been an interesting challenge, and offers me the chance to check out new things and meet new people in the city.

Aug 27 – Draping Demonstration at the Toronto Fashion and Design Festival with Englebert Gayagoy and Katya Revenko. I produced what may be the most elegant design I have ever made in an hour and a half, in front of Toronto’s busiest intersection. We even got rained out. It was amazing.

Sept 5 – 11 – Fashion Week in New York – my first. It was incredible, and fascinating, and overwhelming, and so much fun. I think I will have to return eh?

Oct 24 – 27 – Fashion Week in Toronto – the best ever! Met so many new friends, watched some gorgeous fashion, and learned a little bit about what it is like to work a fashion week.

Nov 24 – Fashion Figures featured in the National Post. My impromptu little micropreneurship venture, with no capital down, garnered 7 clients, a few wonderful new friends, and a mention in a national newspaper within 6 months. Pretty good for a little idea. I have more ideas for 2008.

Nov 25 -Thirteen and counting Toronto Fashion Blogger Brunches. This has been such a source of friendship, fun, and great conversations all year. Thanks to everyone who came, brunchers are brilliant!

There is so many more things I could write about which makes me feel like it was even a better year than I thought. The bar is raised high for 2008, and I feel ready. Next!

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