return of the click

I am back. I was away for a while, visiting family and finishing a big project. I missed blogging and still have much to post about so thanks for your patience. To ease me in, here is another collection of links.

Henna at Canadian Beauty has gifts to give! Tell her your favourite product of 2007 and you may be getting a package in the mail.

I rarely post PR email pitches but every once in a while something interesting comes in.

A Stupid Bag – why did I not think of that? The frenzy for those bags was one of 2007’s most ephemeral trends. The moment these bags have value is about as short as the life of a plastic bag, though they are not (they say) plastic bags. The contradictory smart alec reaction will be irrelevant that much faster. I liked the idea but I was bored with it in exactly three seconds. I have owned the cloth bags I carry groceries in for 5 years, and I did not pay for any of them. Who cares what they say on them.

Friend and client Adrienne Butikofer designs some cute clothes here in Toronto and just launched her online Boutique. The Caninja balaclava and the skinny sweats are both worth wearing frequently, speaking of value. Enter “freeship” at checkout before Dec. 12 for free shipping.


While I am uncharacteristically product posting I’ll mention The North Face is doing prints now like everyone else. The wintery patterns are appealing. They remind me of hunting camoflage. The Urban Hick Trend. I kind of like it I will admit.

On the other blogs I’ve been posting about a fashion club for teens and my December cooking, eating and drinking.

Matthieu Missain is making these incredible customized shoes here in Toronto. I saw them in person at The Rage and they are flawlessly executed and an incredible vehicle for images, Susie Bubble agrees.

Gorgeous, Kylie Minogue opens her closet for posterity.

Philip Starck expounds and explodes, speaking about the mundanity and transcendence of great design at TED.

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One thought on “return of the click”

  1. Re stupid bags: I had thought briefly of making a Hallowe’en costume for a baby, consisting of an infant sleep sack with applique reading “I am not a plastic bag” (or maybe “baby”) in the style of the original item. Not having a baby available, or the time, I didn’t do it, and by the time I have either, it’ll be too passe to be funny.

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