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It is time to catch up on what I found clickable lately.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful cheers on my wee turn in NOW last week. To be called “a quiet force” by Andrew Sardone is a pleasant revelation. I shall endeavor to use my force for good. In addition to editing the style section for NOW Magazine, Andrew has joined the ranks of Toronto’s fashion bloggers with his new online offering Style Sticks and Stones. Because no matter the media, fashion people love to dish. If you love to get dished, this is a mandatory subscription.

I have been unable to fill my post-Project Runway Canada void. Project Catwalk, America’s Next Top Model, and the US version’s later seasons fail to satisfy. Project Runway Canada is simply the best of them all. Even PRC’s annoying reality-show conventions seem tolerable, even subtle, compared to the rest of the lot.

But wait… what has become of PRC’s contestants in the past heady month?  The drama continues…

Bernadette Morra updates us on the progress of Kendra Francis on January 18.

“A lot of the designers on the show thought that Biddell would win,” Francis reveals. That’s funny, I tell her, because the fashion editors I talk to are puzzled, even miffed, at the judges’ choice.

“I think they were looking for something different,” she says. “We could all whip up a dress. It was more of a mind game than a game of skill.”

Biddell’s cockiness worked in his favour, but he is going to need an attitude adjustment if he is going to make it long-term, we agree.

This is an excerpt from Rick McGinnis’ article “Biddell’s Runway Success” which ran in the Metro Daily on December 18. Found via PRC model alum Joelle of Mad Glam.

Now that he’s won a package of prizes that includes $100,000 to make a collection and a mentorship at Winners, Biddell insists he’s not going to live up to anyone’s expectations about what he should do next. “Now that I’ve done that, what do I have to drive me? Oh, all those people who think I’m not going to do anything with this win. Oh, I’m not going to do what you want me to do, that’s for sure. I’ll keep you posted about what I’m doing — throw it in your face and …”

With this, Biddell blows a juicy raspberry that’s more eloquent than any magnanimous statement.

Dress and Suit introduced me to Sarah Lazarovic, one of those wonderful people who possess an enthusiastic smile and abundant ideas. Besides being interim curator of the Portrait Gallery of Canada, she is also a prolific cartoonist and illustrator. Her weekly cartoon “Another Week” offers that earnest and wry Canadiana that I can not get enough of. She recently revamped her website and started a new portrait project, painting a hundred Canadians in as many days. I am always curious to discover what Sarah will be working on next.

More fashion illustration, of course. I can not get enough.

Henna from Canadian Beauty turned me on to Stila, who have adorable illustrations demonstrating their makeup.

Stina Persson does incredible, graphic fashion illustration in a variety of media, focusing almost wholly on faces, and Martin French does dramatic illustration that manages to be both detailed and full of energy. I discovered both of these fine illustrators thanks to a reader, Ibe in Nigeria.

Fashion blog karma to share with some of my lovely commenters! Inspiration and animation from the iron chic, orchids and sketches from angelyn, masquerades and interiors from all things bright and beautiful, and fashion student stories from sleepless nights of design and sunshine.

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8 thoughts on “a quiet click”

  1. Danielle! Im so thrilled that you mentioned about my blog 😀 I have been reading your blog for a longggggg time and I have always looked up to you because I find that you are so down to earth and talented, of course! Thank you 😀

  2. It was my pleasure! Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, its lovely to have such cool readers.

    Isabel – so can you find out what Biddell is up to? There have been no noticeable news about him on the internet since December.

    iron chic – I thought you might be a Toronto girl when I saw your street pictures. I hope to cross paths with you in meatspace too someday, because the equation is cool blog = cool people.

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