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Despite all my plans, time went by fast and 2008 is already gaining a lead on me… as usual I have projects for clients, projects for fun, and all that administrative stuff to catch up on. I love what I do but I do not think transitioning from holidays to working is really any easier for the self employed; it takes a certain resolution.

New Years is usually about quitting bad habits but I have to admit that I have developed an utter fascination with America’s Next Top Model over the past week. Ever since I discovered I have missed 9 entire cycles I have had to catch up and my soul is spiraling down the YouTubes.

Two very cool illustrators I have noticed…

  1. Ohmori Seiko does sweet figures – sometimes in 3D.
  2. Jarno Kettunen does wild, freeform interpretations of current styles from avant garde designers.

The Fashioniste visually links influences between fashion and art from all eras. Gorgeous big pictures galore. Both clever and eccentric, the Synthesist behind the site shows us that despite fashion’s apparent novelty, it really has all been done before.

Fashion blogging has become so entrenched that it is already a museum exhibit. That is how fast novelty wears off these days. It makes me feel proud and also a bit curmudgeonly. Like… “I told you so… way back in 2005” *shakes fist*

I got poked by a world class fashion blogger and professional stylist Rebekah Roy the other day – she of the daily Stylist Stuff. She said she liked what she saw on Final Fashion which got me all jazzed, it means a lot coming from a more experienced fashion entrepreneur. Its things like that which make me so thankful for the internet. Anyone, anywhere in the world can see your stuff and poke you.

Just before Christmas everyone in Toronto was talking about She Does the City which means that Jen McNeely Does the Job when it comes to launching a website. I particularly like the Her Career section which is full of candid profiles of spunky and fashionable career girls and entrepreneurs doing cool jobs. It is a pretty nifty little lifestyle site for city girls, sort of reminiscent of Jane magazine. There is a lot of sharp talent putting it all together, including Sarah Nicole Prickett who I met at fashion week.

Inside Women’s Fashion includes me on their list of top fashion blogs which is pleasantly unexpected. As you may have noticed Final Fashion is just small so it is quite the thing to see my site among some of the best fashion blogs out there.

Betty and Veronica shoes and all the Zap! that is fit to wear, from Drawn. But if you prefer to laugh at your comics rather than step on them, read this post from Stereotypist.

I love Martin Margiela‘s site, it is a perfect digital frame for the clothes and the ideas.

On My Desk allows me to satisfy my voyeuristic curiousity and peek into the studios of other illustrators, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. I am tempted to show my own desk… but perhaps for now I should get back to all the work that is piled upon it. I will post again this weekend, but until then please feel free to click around.

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